MOUNTAIN BIKE TOUR: EL SALTO 3000 - For Tough Riders

We begin our ride right from the bike shop in downtown Vallarta. We'll warm up with a nice spin following the gorgeous Rio Cuale for 5K, where we'll pass through the small, colorful pueblos of Paso Ancho, Paso del Guayabo, and Los Almacenes. From Los Almacenes, we will begin a quick, steep, and sometimes tricky 4K climb on a mix of dirt road and double track*. Once we reach the top of El Cerro de la Laja, as the locals call it, we will begin one of the toughest, most demanding single-tracks this side of the Cuale. Tough, technical climbs and descents over loose rock, roots, and chutes are your tickets to a action-packed jungle experience. Hugging the mountain you will twist and turn up and down narrow cow trails.

Your guide will be sure to let you know when to stop to check out macaws hidden in the foliage or a fleeting serpent. After a lot of hard riding and focus you will arrive at one of the biggest and most beautiful waterfalls in the region, EL Salto. Here you can swim, cliff jump, or just relax by the crystal green waters of the Rio Cuale. Don't get too comfortable though, because the climb out of this idyllic river valley is not easy. All this hard work pays off again when you get to practice your downhill skills on our super fun and technical mini downhill, La Herradura. Then, you'll ride a nice flat, technical single-track along the river back to Los Almacenes, where you'll wrap it all up with a well deserved 5K cool down back to the bike shop.

El Salto 3000 Tour - For Tough Riders.

  • Terrain: The single track portion of this ride is always single-track; however, there are other portions of this ride that vary with the time of year you will be visiting. October-February there is MORE single-track and double-track, March-June some portions of the ride have been opened to dirt road.
  • Length of Ride: 5 hrs approximately.
  • Recommended for: Only Experts.
  • "All prices include guide, hardtail bike, helmet, gloves, and water."
  • - Full suspension bikes are also available for $10 US extra.
Price: $60 usd