We begin our ride right from the bike shop in downtown Vallarta. We'll warm up with a nice spin following the gorgeous Rio Cuale for 5K, where we'll pass through the small, colorful pueblos of Paso Ancho, Paso del Guayabo, and Los Almacenes. From Los Almacenes, we will begin a quick, steep, and sometimes tricky 4K climb on a mix of dirt road and double track. Once we reach the top of El Cerro de la Laja, as the locals call it, we will continue winding our way up and down through dense, tropical jungle.

While riding we can take in the sights and sounds of this beautiful area: macaws and parrots singing from high above the trees, the rustle of iguanas through the leaves, and the rush of the river far below. Our destination is one of the biggest and most awe-inspiring waterfalls in the region, El Salto. Here we can swim, cliff jump, or just simply relax by the gorgeous green waters of the Rio Cuale. But don't get too comfortable, the way back is just as challenging. Climbing back out of the beautiful river valley takes some work, but it is all worth it when we get to descend the steep and fast downhills back to civilization. Once we are back in Los Almacenes, we'll wrap it all up with a nice 5K cool down back to the bike shop.

On the way back down the mountain, you will experience the most exciting downhill riding in the Puerto Vallarta region.

  • Terrain: This ride varies greatly in terrain depending on the time of year you are visiting. From October-February you can expect sometimes technical dirt road and double-track. From March-June the road is usually opened and is mainly dirt road and features more loose/sandy sections.
  • Length of Ride: Approximately 4 hours. 21K. 1600 feet climbing.
  • Recommended for: Advanced mountain bikers with high level of fitness.
  • "All prices include guide, hardtail bike, helmet, gloves, and water."
  • - Full suspension bikes are also available for $10 US extra.
Price: $55 usd